🛑‼️‼️‼️Tender care ‼️‼️‼️🛑

🛑Oriflame’s small but mighty product.

🎀for rough elbows/feet. 🎀cures nasal congestion. 🎀reduces and prevent scars formation. 🎀serve as a first aid for burns. 🎀lightens burnt marks 🎀for soft and smooth lips. 🎀for grooming the eyebrows. 🎀removes marks from the body. 🎀Acts as a lubricant.

🛑Tender care Is different from your regular balm because it is made from Beewax and Honey.

🛑Every household should have at least one of it.Also a perfect gift for loved ones🎁

🛑Get one for just #2,500 only.

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